In retrospect, I should have spent more than $12.95 on my protective garment. Buying it was sort of a joke, which turned out to be not funny at all. And I should have added a breathing apparatus like some of you suggested. Best of all would have been if I had stayed out of the crawl space, learned to ignore the constant weeping in my head and left the dead alone.

Months ago Rafe told me that Ada was the queen of her small underground, or under-house, kingdom. That the creatures there, the bugs, the fleas the other insects and the insects that live on the other insects and the viruses and the bacteria that live in the dirt and everywhere else are as much part of her domain and under her rule as the squirrels. And while he didn’t say so directly, I believe the purpose of these creatures was to guard Ada. And if unable to guard, to avenge. And so they did.

The morning after my adventure with the bones in the graveyard, I noticed small red patches on my hands. They looked like bites: flea, chigger, ant, mosquito, maybe even a spider or two. I expected some of that and ignored it. By evening the bites had been joined, literally, by smooth red patches that I took to be fungal. Everything itched. By morning of the next day I looked like something on a bizarre medical YouTube video. It got worse, so I went to my doctor who was amazed and called in several other docs who muttered to themselves and took pictures. (No, I don’t have any of these or any other pictures so don’t even ask.) They had no idea what was afflicting me, but they had never seen anything like it; I could hardly suggest that I had been cursed, that I was the victim of the ghost of a little girl who lived, and died, a hundred and seventy years ago. They prescribed a round of prednisone that did indeed chase the skin problems into a retreat. At the end of the round prednisone, with my immune system in tatters, I developed a chest-tearing, barking cold, or flu, or something, that slammed me hard. This is why I haven’t been blogging. After weeks fighting off this illness, I am a bit better, and I believe the attack is over, even though I now I still have to recover.

Ada is, was, indeed the master of her domain. When we think of ghosts and demons we think of creatures like ourselves, (only dead) forgetting about the kingdom of viruses, bacteria, fungus and other microscopic creatures that can be far more deadly than a pack of deranged squirrels. I haven’t looked up the incubation period of Bubonic Plague because I really don’t want to know. An Internet search of the dangers of handling old, or indeed, any, bones turns up nothing notable. If you’ve got a grocery bag full of old bones you can play with them, maybe even chew on them without getting into any trouble. Maybe. Just don’t collect them from underneath my house.

The thing to remember, that I need to remember, is that all actions have consequences, especially when you are dealing with circumstances, events you don’t really understand, or are not, in the end, understandable. I intruded on Ada’s kingdom, and I paid a price. Maybe that price isn’t even over. I can only hope that her bones are now at peace, in the cemetery with her family, if she had any, her friends, if she had any, or at least those others who died around the time she did and were properly buried. My concern is, my friends, there’s a skull in my freezer that I don’t know what to do with, and more bones, I am sure, beneath my house. Man-sized bones that go with the man-sized skull. Do I dig them up and rebury them in the graveyard with Ada? It seems insane to go back under there. I’ve been warned that if I continue there will be hell to pay. And it has come to pass, but there is more, I know it.

Maybe I got off easy this time, though it sure doesn’t feel like it.






15 thoughts on “Forty-two

      1. I agree! I tried to watch the tv show where they are ghost hunting, with their fancy equipment. They say they see and hear things, “Oh look! Did you see that!” I didn’t see anything! Yet, it is still on the air!! How are you doing? Are you feeling better?


    1. Two hours ago I coughed so hard I broke a rib. I heard it snap. Now I can hardly move because of the pain. Ada is not done with me yet.


      1. Oh No! ……..seriously Allen???? ( are you joking ? because I’m hopelessly gullible….) at any rate gloves and face mask next time? IF there’s a next time… about letting sleeping bones lie? Please get well soon.


  1. Try saline nasal spray to clean out the nose. This opens up the nasal and stops the drip and prevents infection. The drip makes you cough. Try Benadryl capsules 1 or 2 to dry up the mucus. Delsym or Robitussin for cough and chest congestion. I take Ibuprofen 800MG for the body aches! And I rotate in a Dayquil gel cap depending on how I ‘feel’. Like, if I don’t need a Benadryl; if I use Benadryl and Ibuprofen, I don’t use Dayquil. I mainly use Robitussin at bed time. And of’course I always have lemon/honey cough drop, I even go to sleep with one in my mouth. If your ribs hurt, protect them by wrapping an ace bandage or one of those waist slimming bands with Velcro fasteners to hold the ribs snug. Every year I get a cold/flu with cough, This is my tool kit! and don’t forget drink plenty of bottled water and the homemade chicken soup! Eat, and keep the pipes open and everything flowing, if you know what I mean!


      1. I thought I had a lot of pills and stuff. It’s hard to remember what I’ve taken and what ingredients are present in which compound. I’m sure I’m over the recommended dosage, but I have ceased to care. And like Elinor says, I’m careful about going to sleep with a cough drop still in my mouth.


  2. I’m just almost recovered from that same cough which was frightening in its violence…unless by writing this I’ve jinxed myself into a relapse…so you definitely have my sympathy. But more importantly, is the weeping gone?


  3. The weeping is gone. I believe Ada is now at peace. The attack of her creatures was part of the process. Dealing with the Dark Side is never wise.


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