Pause Three


Roast Beef Sub w/thin sliced beef, Cheddar, Deli Pickles, Dijon, L. T. Mayo

I’m at the Penny with Mark. I’ve worked my way through most of the brown spirits on my drink list and am into the clear stuff. I’m making headway, I’m into the low forties on my way to the finish, number sixty-nine. But I’ve got five tequilas to get through; I hate tequila. I consulted with my bartender, the Tall Guy, who suggested since I liked Bloody Marys I should disguise the tequila that way. The drink is known as a Bloody Juanita. I ordered it. It was terrible. I just now looked up the brand, Tequila Ocho, and found that it is a pricey, high-class tequila with numbered and dated bottles, aged in American whiskey casks for one year. I would have been far better off just sipping it straight.

Sherry’s home from her sister’s. She put a new rug in her office so I can no longer see if the light beneath the house is on. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

There seems to be nothing much going on since the big fight with the girl spirit over Sweetie, (see post # 19) but I haven’t been watching very carefully. With Sherry home, it’s difficult to skulk around at night in my robe, especially since I now need to go outside and look under the house that way if I want to see anything. I have visions of the police pulling up and wanting to know what I’m doing in my bathrobe shining a flashlight under my house at 3:00 am in the morning.

I’m taking a break from blogging for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I’ll continue to read the period newspapers to see if I can shed some light on why the two rooms of the Ashburn school were moved to my lot. My remote-controlled camera should be here soon, and I’ll set it up underneath the house.

And then there’s this…


This is the bottle the under-house inspector found jammed into one of the pillars. I keep meaning to take a picture of it for you. You can see it’s a really old bottle. The liquid inside became kind of foamy while I was fooling with it setting up the picture. Like it was angry, or something. I know, it sounds crazy. Hey, if you’re so brave, come on by and I’ll pull the cork and you can take a shot. I’m thinking about it, but I’m not there yet.

Those of you are behind on the blog can catch up. Remember: sit down; have a drink; read.

I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

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